For some really weird reason, life seems to be passing by really quickly lately. Dance competitions were coming up. And now they're over. Barely getting the hang of my classes and the AP tests are literally creeping in. Before I know it, it's going to be graduation day and I'm falling face first into a whole new chapter in my life.

Everything just seems to go by so quickly that I find myself only looking for the bigger successes - the final grades, the final result. And I never realized how depressing and stressed that can make me. With so much on my schedule for the next year and a half, I can already hear the "Ahhhhh!" going off in my head. I'm all over the place, getting mad at myself whenever I can't reach my ultimate goal on time or the way I want. And it wasn't until this past weekend (yes, the Valentine's weekend I very obviously spent at home alone doing homework and of course blogging...) when it finally struck me: what happened to the old Connie that loves to make the most of the little things in life?

Instead of congratulating myself for every big success I get, why don't I celebrate every mini-success it takes me to get there? That way, this long but also short and treacherous journey can become an enjoyable and beneficial one. And to get this little goal of mine kickstarted, I shall list off several of those little things that make me ever so happy.

  1. Getting to bed early
  2. Finally understanding the complex world of physics
  3. Reading a very sweet comment that completely made my day
  4. Eating ramen noodles with lot of lots of chili powder
  5. Flawlessly executing 6 pirouettes en pointe (Yessss!)
  6. Got my Nike running gear & back on track with my exercising
  7. Not falling on stage during competitions
  8. Celebrating grandma's birthday
  9. Updating my phone's UI to Lollipop

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