Ever since my August 16th post, it was as if I went 'poof' and disappeared straight for 198 days. Since starting this blog in 2014, this has been the longest I've ever been MIA, and I do have to apologize. But all's well because I have returned! Let's have a quick catch up, shall we?
  1. Daily personal statements It was that time of the year when all the seniors were scrambling to put together an "amazing" personal statement and get into college (yes, me). I literally stayed up till midnight everyday polishing my essays, a good 15 to 20 of them. So glad that's all over.
  2. Zero period School started and I ended up getting a zero period. Horrid. I have no idea why I went up to my counselor and asked repeatedly that I get another AP class added to my schedule. I don't think I had any idea how much I need my sleep then.
  3. Anime me? The last time I set foot in the realm of anime was around 8 years ago. I first watched Naruto then, but because my DVD broke down I stopped watching anime all together. Ha! Last November, thanks to a friend and some amazing Instagram posts, I started watching Naruto right from episode 1. Yes, I've now spent a good chunk of my spare time grinding down on all the 600 some episodes... and the anime still isn't completed. I've watched some smaller series on the side, and hands down favorite anime aside from Naruto is "Suki-tte ii na yo" "and Bokura ga Ita." Something about it just really touches me.
  4. Vegas and concert During the president's day long weekend, my family and I drove up to Vegas and had the time of our lives watching Hacken Lee and Joey Yeung's concert - close-up. Mm~ I can't possible explain how much I was fangirling and enjoying myself out there. Just check out these close up photos. Right there in front of me. Practically at arm's length (OK, maybe like 3 or 4).

Now you're all caught up! As of now, I only have half a month till colleges notify of my acceptance status and 3 more months till I graduate. And of course, there's prom. College apps are well out of my way and school work is beginning to clear up a little, so I'll most definitely be updating more often. If you've been with me since the beginning, I'd like to give you a great big hug and a "Thank you!" But if you'd just jump on this wagon, well a great big hug to you too! Check back soon!

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