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School started this past Friday, and I am officially a senior! Honestly right when I walked on campus, I somehow felt so much bigger and powerful (though your girl is only 5'2")... Aha~ Don't start imagining things. Summer passed by a little too quickly than I had wanted. But then again, when did I ever want summer to end anyway? So let's catch up on what happened these past 2 1/2 months, shall we?

  1. At Home. This summer, my family and I didn't really get to visit anywhere; even trips to the mall was at its minimum. 
  2. Feeling Scattered. Really feeling like I need a good sit down to get myself organized. Maybe an hour or two with some tea and my planner will do me some good.
  3. Driving? Still haven't touched that DMV booklet yet. I know I should. But maybe after my last SATs
  4. So Much to Do Yet So Little Time. I planned so much for myself to accomplish as I mentioned in my summer goals post. A lot of things popped up unexpectedly, messing up with much of my plans for the summer. Gah~ The struggle is real!
  5. Next Summer. Almost 90% positive that next summer will be much better with all those tests and college apps out of the way. Besides, we'll be going on a vacay (Shh... it's still a secret), so get excited for lots of travel posts. Maybe I'll officially start vlogging... Officially going to hear me for the first time then, huh? I'm really curious how I sound like to most of my readers... We'll see if you were right. Haha~
  6. And I Need to Study My Korean. I've mastered the alphabet and reading ages ago, but never got the time to set my heart on listening to all the TTMIK broadcasts. Absolutely need to do that next summer. I've picked up many phrases... so it gets fun when I can understand parts of my bias's tweets.

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