So I'm graduating. Just 4 days till I walk down the stage with my cap and gown sitting proudly on my shoulders, I feel confused - partly from anxiety of going out and leaving this safe nest I have grown comfortable to and partly from the bubbling excitement of having the opportunity to go to school everyday learning what I love. And so I latch on to what I can: memories, friends, and most recently yearbook letters. Yearbook signings never struck me as genuine. But this year things are different; the heartwarming thoughts, compliments, and good lucks my peers carefully write into the back of my yearbook really motivates me. It's amazing how something as short as "It was nice meeting you," something I four years ago would have passed as insincere, can motivate me, invigorate me.

It's a bit difficult to go around to each and every one of my peers to give them a nice bear hug, but I'd like to at least recognize them here and thank them for their notes. They really mean so much more to me than even I had expected. Now, I shall look forward to my future as an adult... and well the 10-year reunion as well.

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