Things I want to do this fall:

(1) Return to piano classes     

If you've read one of my previous posts, you'd probably know how much I miss those black and white keys... not to mention the satisfaction and enjoyment. I really want play again. Like really really really want to.     

(2) Nail my fouettes

Got a show coming up and I know for sure I'll have to do those fouettes... en pointe. Yes, not difficult at all really... only takes practice to make sure I don't travel or anything. Fighting!

(3) Run for at least 40 minutes every other day 

As a dancer, I guess you could say that it's pretty important to keep "fit", so I've turned towards running! Aha, most people would growl and scringe at the sight of exercise, but now me... I've gotten to the point where I actually quite enjoy the activity. Maybe it's because I watch dramas while running?              

(4) Do a family photoshoot 

Haven't gotten a chance to do one of these for about 4 years now. I think it's time for a family picture. Don't you think?              

(5) Squeeze in time to read and finish at least 3 books  

In elementary and intermediate school, I used to be a total book worm. I was constantly mesmerized in a book wherever I went... Now? Nope... I'm more like trying to finish my homework wherever I go. Need books! I'm craving!

(6) Do more research on colleges/universities      

Going to be graduating high school soon... and I need a much clearer view of where I want to go and what I want to major in. I know the generals, but I need the details now. 

(7) Sleep earlier. Yes definitely sleep earlier            

Isn't it just typical that we highschoolers sleep so late? Yeah, our excuse is that we got a lot of homework... Is that really the reason? Doesn't matter. I know that's my goal and I'm going to reach it!

(8) Finish Level 1 of TTMIK                                 

At this point, you probably already know that I'm an avid K-Pop fan, right? (Well, now you know.) So if you're on the same boat I am, you should probably be able to understand what a pain the the bootie it is to find subs for every single video you want to watch. Wouldn't it just be easier if you spoke the language? Yup. Gonna try to learn it. Will I possibly fail? Maybe. But never hurts to try. Like those "wise people" say "Try and there's a chance you'll make it. Don't try and you chance is zero."

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