I was watching Juniel's Sweetem episode with InsiteTV the other day and saw her recommending the Sympathy for the Skin lotion from Lush. And I knew I had to get it. I mean, come on, who doesn't want to smell like this talented and beautiful girl? I know I do... Besides, this was said to be the "Juniel scent" and being the little curious girl I am, I took home a jar (or is tub? bottle?) with me.

This lotion is just awesomeness in a bottle. It leaves my skin feeling refreshed and moisturized. Though it does leave a bit of a shiny layer on my skin, it does not feel sticky or heavy at all. And seriously, it smells like bananas and cream. But better. It's a bit difficult to explain, so if you ever get a chance hop on into a Lush store and give this baby a try.

The Formulae Known As lotion is actually a little gift for my friend. (I miss you lots Justina!! Hope you like this little gift from me!) Now the description says, "A creamy, chocolatey lotion with organic cocoa butter and floral essential oils for soft, smooth skin." And from what I tried in the store, this sure is true! It smells absolutely like chocolate when you first put it on, but after a while that fades off into a soft but feminine floral scent. Just lovely! 

There's just so many cool products to try out at Lush... Next time, I'm going to give the Big shampoo a try. A lot of people have been raving about it, so it's time to see what's so good about it. Anyone got any suggestions for moi?

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