Standing Egg

It's officially been four years since I entered into the K-pop fandoms. And as time gradually passed, I realized that I became more and more exposed to not only the different aspects of the Korean culture and language but also the different genres of music. For some odd reason, when I first started listening to Korean music, I honestly thought that there was only K-pop. Nothing else. But of course I soon realized I was wrong.

Lately, I've been really into music that has a nice guitar melody. Just something nice, calm, and cafe-like - music that I'd gladly sip a cup of tea and read a book to. I've discovered some songs like that by several mainstream bands and groups, but not too much at all. Until recently. Really like the day before Mother's Day. I was always aware of K-indie but never really bothered to dig deeper down to discover more of this absolutely beautiful genre. Did some research and came upon a group called "Standing Egg." First song I feel in love with? 햇살이 아파. Took a couple more looks around and I knew I needed to listen to every song they have.

Standing Egg is a Korean Indie band that debuted in 2010. Consisting of only three members, who go by the names of Egg 1, Egg 2, and Egg 3, Standing Egg claims that they want to fill their songs with emotion, something they find to be lacking in a world filled with electronic sounds and flashy advertising. This is really a different take on music; I feel really touched to find people who aren't just about the fame and the money. Nice pure music. Music Standing Egg has been working hard to produce. I've included some of my most loved songs from them, but this short list will do them no justice at all. Regardless, enjoy~
  1. Miss Flower
  2. 시간이 달라서
  3. 햇살이 아파
  4. Lemon Pie
  5. Kiss Me
  6. 그래 너
P.S. Heads up! They have a new mini album coming out 5/22 :)

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