As a child, I've had so many dreams about what I wanted to be... now don't tell me I'm the only one 'cause I know I'm not...aha anyways, like most other girls out there I, at one time, wanted to be a model. But I know that wouldn't really work since I have such a shy disposition.

After that, I wanted to be an anchorwoman. Why? Just because I thought I'd get the news first, at least way before everyone else... I know. Naive right? Then there came a point when I decided I wanted to be a celebrity. A pop singer, perhaps. But of course, if you have Asian parents, you'd know how that typically works out. (The answer was no. So I had to move on.)  So what did I choose next? I decided I wanted to become a pharmacist, a very practical job with a good pay.

But that was before. Now? I know for sure that everything I previously dreamed of becoming is completely a no-no for me. No celebrity. No medical. I now want to major in marketing and possibly become the VP of Marketing, hopefully at some beauty or fashion company. That's what I have my eye on right now. Whether it'll work out and whether I'll like the field is still an unanswered question... That's not the most important thing though.

My ultimate dream job is to be someone that can bring happiness to at least one person in my life. Doesn't have to be more. One is enough to make me completely satisfied. I want to be that shining positive energy, and I hope someone will in fact see me that way.
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