So what would I do with all that money? To be honest, I'd probably just save it up... I mean you never know... something could always happen and then I'd need that money.

But if I really had to spend that money, I'd probably set aside a chunk for K-pop merch - filling a whole room with posters, albums, official band goods (like the B1A4 candles... ooh that sounds good!), possibly autographed items. A chunk for beauty/makeup products - skincare is probably what I consider the one of the most important things since I've previously had quite a struggle breakouts. A chunk for traveling - there's seriously so many places I'd like to go to... like Paris, Venice, Seoul, Tokyo, Thailand, Austrailia... so many so many! And the rest for whatever I'd like to buy... like probably good food, really good food. 

Talking about the lottery, I wonder how many people would seriously announce to others that they won. I know I wouldn't. I wouldn't want to risk anyone trying to steal all of that "green paper" away from me. No way, girl! I'm gonna keep it a secret. So... as of right now you don't know whether or not I've won the lottery. 'Cause I'm going to keep it to myself no matter what... Aha just kidding! I haven't won the lottery or even think I will. I mean come on, what are the chances? Like almost never?

But it's always nice to think about where I'd go and what I'd do with all that money... Aha, bet life after that would be pretty good!
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