1.  Writing in my agenda. Neatly.
    I'm serious... I guess I'm pretty old-school for someone born in this day and age but I seriously cannot be satisfied unless I physically write down my plans/assignments and manually cross out each and every one. So yeah, those planning apps won't work for me.
  2. Crying
    Oooh! This is a big one. Crying is a form of stress relief for me... but also I'm a pretty emotional.
  3. Researching about skincare related stuff
    I seriously love reading about new ways to improve skin conditions or new products that really help give the skin that glow. So if you want to talk to someone about some skin troubles, I'm your girl (though I'm no dermatologist).
  4. Being straightforward
    Most of my friends know I'm pretty straightfoward. If I don't like something, I'll say it. If it's a no, it's a no. I'm not the type of person that would try some fancy way to get a simple answer across.
  5. Being shy
    Yup, if you've read my previous post on confidence (favorite quote & best advice) you'll most likely know that I'm a pretty shy person in general. I've gone through summer school without speaking to any of my classmates simply because I was too shy to approach them to say hi. But that's going to change.
  6. Switching personalities
    I guess you could say that this is a good thing... Everyone has multiple sides of themselves and I'm no exception. But probably because I'm a Gemini, I can switch from calm and nice to frustrated and fuming in just a snap of the fingers. Aha... but no worries though. I'm pretty cool.
  7. De-stressing
    And last but not least, I personally think I'm pretty good at de-stressing. I'm the type of person that expects a lot from myself. I give my self higher standards than what most people expect of me, and I try to aim high. But this really puts a lot of stress on my shoulders and I know it... But this "bad" habit of mine has essentially led me to develop some important de-stressing skills. And I'm proud of it!
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