What is your favorite Christmas food?
If you count hot chocolate as food, then definitely that! Coming from a Chinese family, we celebrate Christmas but in a more "Asian" way. Unfortunately, I've never experienced a traditional Christmas dinner... but I shall one day.
Your favorite Christmas movie?
I've mentioned in the first Christmas tag that my ultimate Christmas movie would have to be The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. It's given me so many sweet, cozy memories...ahhh.
What advent calendar do you have?
Aw man! I don't have one! For years, I've been attempting to get one but never really got down to do it. Maybe next year? 
What is your favorite snow related activity?
Living in LA, it's pretty darn difficult to find snow. Practically impossible. However, when I went to Seattle my cousins and I had a marvelous time riding tires down a pretty steep slope. The adrenaline... Oh, do I want to do that again!
Your favorite Christmas candle scent?
To be quite honest, I don't really have a favorite Christmas scent. I'm still currently burning my candle from this past summer... haha! But now that I have a coupon for Bath and Body Works, I shall go and check out some of there winter candles. Can't wait!
What is your favorite Christmas tree ornament?
Do Christmas lights count? Yeah, I think they make the tree look ever so pretty!
If you could go anywhere for Chrismas, where would it be?
Nowhere really. Though I love traveling, it just seems too cold to go out. I'd seriously rather cuddle up at home, drinking some hot chocolate, reading a book.
Would you put an inflatable Santa outside your house?
No way, girl! Light's are pretty much the limit. Besides, having a Santa outside would just look a bit too out of place. As of now, no one (that I've noticed) has managed to make that Santa look nice where he is... *perfectionist problems*
Do you like ice skating?
I do! I've taken skating lessons ever since I was 5. As of now, I don't take anymore lessons, but it's always amazing to go back on the rink and see how much I remember.
Do you own a cool christmas jumper?
Nope! That's exactly what I hope to purchase this Christmas.

I'd like to thank you franzisbeautybits for tagging me! Although, this was the second Christmas tag I did, it was loads of fun. To pass on this Christmas spirit, I'd like to tag my bestie and fellow blogger, Melina! And of course whoever else would like to do the tag.

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