Recently, I've found myself going back to this song. It's been appearing in my bedtime playlist almost every single day. Maybe it's the guitar melody in the background that really makes me calm and zzzzz.... Hold up! I'm sorry....

Anyway, I really like the song, although I've heard that many people feel much to the contrary. Don't know why people say it's a sucky song and they're (as in B.A.P) trying too hard. Nope don't get it. Hands down, this song is lovely and I am in love with it.

But the MV... yes cute, immature guys but seriously why are all of you waiting at the telephone booth? Can't you see that there's another one on the other side? Empty? Besides, don't you carry around cellphones? Geez... it's the 21st century... and you're all at least 18. And I'm not even going to go to talk about Daehyun... How can anyone possibly have a conversation through the phone with someone pounding on the door? I don't get it...

But on the plus side, the head bobbing and awkward dancing.... Eeek! These babies are so cute! Popping out of nowhere like stalkers, talking to each other like cute couples... creepy but it's B.A.P so that's ok :)

I want to go to London now... anyone on board? Oh and remember to watch the MV.

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