Other than being a complete sucker for skin care products, I just love lipsticks and liptints and lipbalms, and lips... Ok, I'll stop. But get the point? Well this lipstick here is Too Faced's La Creme lipstick in Spice Spice Baby.

It has one of the smoothest and creamiest formulas ever! This one doesn't
dry out my lips like many other lipsticks typically do... Besides, even if my lips were dry, that's completely cool since it's so moisturizing that it can partly serve as a lip balm. :) And did I say that it just smells awesome? Kindda like a mixture of fruits and candy... Mmmmm. Seriously, though, it they had a perfume with something similar, hands down  - I'm totally going to get it! 

Recently, I've been quite addicted to nail polishes. But just having a solid color is a bit too bland and boring for me. So to spice things up, I typically will add a layer or two of this glitter polish Silver Bullions by Essie.

The glitters aren't in big chunks nor is it like microglitters. Right in between and just the right size to catch enough light and make you have princess nails.

Being a huge green tea fan, I just couldn't resist purchasing this face cleansing foam from Innisfree when I visited Taiwan this past summer. (See what else I purchased in this post.) If you've used some of Innisfree's products before, you'd most likely know that they tend to have a bit of a floral scent to it. Though it doesn't seem too strong for me, it might be a bit overwhelming and irritating for others. Regardless, this formula is awesome! It does a wonderful job in cleaning up makeup residue and unclogging my pores. My skin always feels extremely clean and bright after using this. 

Green tea is also used to help with moisturizing the skin. Because this is in fact a green tea face wash, It really does a great job in keeping my face moisturized.

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