Heard of BTS? No, not behind the scenes... It's Bangtan Boys!! They're a hip hop boy band that debuted last year in 2013. Although I'm not a big fan of hip hop in general, they've made awesome covers that have ultimately made it onto my "Replay Playlist" I listen to their covers while stretching, exercising, waiting for the school day to start, waiting in general... this could go on forever.

On a side note, they've uploaded pretty cute, yes cute but immature could work too, mini vlogs. Watching these videos can really make you laugh over their winsome behaviors... And please don't go and tell me that all of them look the same. They don't. It just takes a while to figure out who's who. Oh, and they're coming back with a new song really soon! Look out for them on their website
Links to their YouTube channel here and English subbed here.

Picture from noonfan.com

Nice group picture to end this post, eh?

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