Recently, I've been valuing simplicity over well... more complex things. Whether it's my blog design, my phone wallpaper, or even my room decor, simplicity just seems to make me happy and satisfied. Does anyone feel me??

Above, I've taken a few pictures of my bedside table and how I chose to spice it up. With its original romantic vintage design and white paint, it's as simple as can be. So something must go on it... I've mentioned that I favored simplicity; thus, I only have some flowers, a couple of albums, and a novel sitting on top.

Now why those 3 items? Haha! That's pretty simple: they all represent me and how I'm feeling at the moment. The flowers are yellow and white. Both are bright colors, reminding me constantly to relax my mind and be positive. (Sounds cliche but seriously... it does). Those two albums, can you guess which ones they are? Bam! Yup, you're right. It's B1A4's What's Happening album and AKMU's Play album (I've actually mentioned there here and here). Both are by my favorite artists and both contain some of the best music in my library. Finally, the book? Very popular book right there, huh? And that's probably why it's there. I've been intending to read it this summer but never really got around to do so. Putting it there reminds me how much I used to read and how much I really enjoyed it. I want to be there again. And so the book's right on my table.

One thing might seem really weird though. Did you notice that there's no clock on there whatsoever? Yeah, I purposely did that (no, not because I can't afford it... there's a reason :D). In my bedroom I only want one thing: relaxation. With a clock, it just reminds me that I have this on my schedule and then that on my schedule... It's a hectic world out there, even for a student like me. 

Anyways, just wanted to share how I've been valuing simplicity lately. Anyone out there share the same feelings I do?

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