Yeah, so what is Bloglovin' exactly? Being a new blogger, it's quite important to take a look at other blogs and observe what it is those bloggers do that makes their blog so amazing. That way, I can personally improve my blogging skills as well as socialize and promote my own blog. 

But Bloglovin' of course isn't just limited to bloggers. Anyone really can sign up! Why? Ha, that's an easy question! Bloglovin' is essentially a place where you can follow a bunch of blogs and read their new posts all in one place instead of having to visit each blog separately... makes everything much more convenient right?

Now, I've been using Bloglovin' for about a year or two now, and it's one of the best website/app I've ever used. You can probably say it's my morning, afternoon, and evening newspaper. To be honest, I really enjoy reading other blogs, not only because I'd like to hone my skills, but also because reading blogs are just so relaxing and fun. Yeah, yeah a lot of people would probably say something like, "OH, but it's sooo much reading! My eyes! My brain! AGHHH!!" 

But seriously. Come on. Reading can be so beneficial, if not physically then mentally. And for people who don't like long reads, then blogs are basically the go-to "item." They're mostly short, condensed, and filled with various entertaining facets.

 Bloglovin' seriously keeps me up to date with all of my favorite blogs... And I hope to be one of the blogs YOU follow! I've really enjoyed Bloglovin' and would like to sincerely recommend this to everyone out there. Please support this girlie here, sign up (if you haven't already), and follow theconbonz. I'd greatly appreciate it! Thank you! 


*This is not a sponsored post

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