Recently, I've discovered the beauty of postcards. I think that I'm probably going to start collecting them now... at least as I travel from place to place. The postcards that are pictured above are actually from my Taiwan trip this past summer. Ironically the pictures depicted aren't of Taiwan. They are instead of Jeju Island... And you can probably guess where I got these postcards from - yes, Nature Republic. 

Despite the fact that these postcards don't remind me of what Taiwan looks like, it reminds me of the good times I had while on vacation. To be specific, the childish moment when I decided to quickly snatch one of each postcard version available, stuff it under my shirt, and take them home with me without writing in them. From what I remember, the postcards were actually there so that the customers could write their personal messages to Nature Republic and post it onto a bulletin board. Ha! But little immature me decided to just snatch them and run off. The moment is a bit... how should I say this... ineffable. It's difficult to portray how that moment was like... but through these wonderful postcards, I can remember how it was exactly.

And that's the beauty of these postcards. So maybe as I travel from city to city, state to state, country to country, I'll collect postcards along the way. Then I'll store them all in a cute little box... or maybe post them all over my bedroom wall...who knows? But one thing's for sure: I'll most definitely share the postcards I collect. Simply because each one contains a story, a moment, a memory.

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