Mmmm.... Look at that food! I've had that for lunch earlier and gosh, my mouth is watering once again now that I'm looking at this. I was seriously scratching my head out trying to figure out what to eat (#firstworldproblems yup had to stick this in) and of course what better to eat than a classic bento? Oooh... just imagine: warm tender terayaki chicken and then some soft sticky Japanese rice and then a bit of that California roll.... Man oh man! that was seriously an awesome lunch!

By the way Happy Labor Day everyone! Remember that around this time last year, my parents and I went out to a close-by outlet and went SHOPPING! But no... this year is way too hot... and I've got homework to do and tests to study for. And that's what I did. Basically... for the whole day off. Haha but that's okay. I slept in. And that's good enough! :) Everyone likes sleeping, right? Oooh the bed... so comfy.

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