Today was the day. Yes, the day we juniors get our ID cards. You know what I'm talking about right? That feeling? Oh, we've waited weeks and weeks and now they're here! 

The bell rang for lunch, and I literally burst off of my seat, out of my Physics class, and straight to the ID tables. Only thing that went through my mind was: OMG... I hope I don't look too awkward on camera... Hopefully not as bad as last year's. Wait no. Hopefully I'll look pretty nice this year... AGH! 

And then there was the line. Oh yes, the loooooong line. And so I get more and more anxious. What's funny is I just can't understand why high schoolers care so much about what people think and here I am wondering whether or not I looked alright... Yeah, pretty hypocrital huh? 

But anyways... how did I look? Eh, not really nice... but it was definitely better than last year. I still like my freshman ID picture the most - looked quite natural then. Now, I'm just going to hope I look nice and chic for my senior picture next year. Don't want to mess that up! :)

P.S.  This morning didn't start off too well... ended up having a really bad stomachache and diarrhea (woah... I just spelled diarrhea correctly! Woah....) But it's all better now! Tomorrow will be much better... hopefully. 

P.S.S. Are you wondering why there's a picture of a candle instead of my ID? Ha! Why on earth would I show my ID? I wouldn't. No... not unless I looked absolutely gorgeous... Besides, candles are awesome. Cherry blossoms are amazing. Cherry blossom scented candle? Now that's the bomb! 

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