Everyone caught up with the recent K-pop comebacks? The songs that came out recently have all been amazing! Whether it's the rookies or their sunbaes... Remember in the last TT I mentioned BTS's comeback? Well they're back at last with their song "Danger"!! (It's actually been quite a few days but their song is just daebak!) 

I've never been much of a hip hop fan, but ever since I discovered their mini vlogs on the Youtube What to Watch section, I've gradually fallen in love with their music. You can call it something like... something like watching and rewatching a video over and over until you eventually just love it. Call it brainwashing if you will. But hey, that's totally cool because I find myself smiling whenever their songs come up on my phone. Does anyone else ever do that? The song comes up, you figure out who's singing, remember how cute they are, and bling! The smile just glides on.

Ever heard of JJCC? No? How about Jackie Chan? Yeah, JJCC is Jackie Chan's Korean boy band. (Ah, see the relationship? JJCC... Jackie Chan?) Well they've officially comeback with their song "Bing Bing Bing" or "One Way". And can I say, the animation/graphics in their MV is just taking K-pop MVs to a whole new level! That's right, get out of that box set and think of something outside the box (...get it? get it? ahah) Awesome little rookies right there! JJCC fighting! 

With all these rather new boy bands coming back, it just sometimes feels awesome to just be able to sit back and listen to rather older songs. Something like "Sunset Glow" from Big Bang! Wooh! Any V.I.P.s out there? This is just one of my ultimate favorite songs from them... and nothing feels better than reminiscing their old music. 

Well, these are just some of the songs I've been listening to. Didn't get to mention other girl group songs such as Sistar's "I Swear" and Stellar's "Mask". K-pop... I've realized I've been so into the K-pop world, I'm almost completely out of touch with the American music... Need to catch up... no I must. 

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