Woooh! Haven't been able to blog lately... haven't forgotten me yet right? School just started recently and I'm officially a junior! Really weird feeling - still feeling like a sophomore. Maybe it just takes some time before I get used to this. But yes! I've been quite busy with homework... and sipping some of my mom's best smoothie - the ultimate Mango Pineapple Blendee! Oh, it's so good.... It's even better knowing that it's all natural with none of the syrup and sugar smoothie places tend to add in.

And here's Pudding! Enjoying her daily life with her toys. Nothing to worry about. Maybe except food and playtime.

Pudding's been really good and obedient, at least when we're home. When we're not, however, she practically turns into a "monster" (How about Monstar for those K-drama fans out there? Woot woot!)

We haven't figured out why exactly yet, but whenever she's at home by herself she tends to either rip her wee pad off the pad holder or just shred it into pieces. Yeah, it's becoming more and more like a daily routine for her now. Got to find a way to stop her before this gets any worse... 

Oh, and here's a pic of Pudding and me... smiling. Or at  least I am. Pudding just looks very sleepy. Puppies... they definitely need their nappies. 

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