Sacramento, CA

As I arrived into the the state capital for the first time... I noticed one thing - there were so many trees. It brought me back a bit to Boston several years back. The scenery in Massachusetts was just stunning; the nature there is no joke. But of course, every city has its own beauty. Here in Sacramento, it felt more like downtown LA mixed with bits of Boston. Essentially it all came down to this. Lovely place #1 + Lovely place #2 = Awesome place. Looking through the bus window, I just wanted to jump down and start dancing on the streets while singing one of my favorites, "Midnight Sun" by Hotshot (I've made a little mixtape with my recent favorite songs. Don't forget to take a look at that!). I miss Sacramento already. And tell me, don't the food look mouthwatering? (Careful not to drool too much)

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