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Becky from Milkbubbletea has created this tag (read what she wrote on it!) and invited her readers (I'm proudly one of them) to also join in on the tag. So let's get started shall we?

1. What is your favorite Christmas Movie/s? 
I'd have to say "The Grinch who Stole Christmas." I loved that movie! Just my childhood memories all buried beneath... I've watched it so many times and it just never gets old. The Grinch... ah, he's so cute! 
2. Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning? 
For the past several years, I've opened my presents a couple days before Christmas because my cousins come down to LA and we and a bunch of other friends go on a road trip to Vegas. Because of that, we tend to miss Christmas at home... But this year, hopefully I'll be able to open my presents Christmas morning in my Christmas pjs! 
3. Do you have a favourite Christmas memory? 
When I was little, I'd hang stockings next to the window (we didn't have a fireplace) so that Santa could somehow come into our house, through I don't even know through what, and place a gift down for me. I'd even write him a letter with everything I wanted that year... But the thing is, I knew who Santa was. No, it wasn't just one person. It was two. One male. One female. Hm... I wonder who that may be?
4. Favourite festive food? 
Definitely the Christmas cookies! Sugar cookies with all that green, red, and white icing. Then of course hot chocolate topped with some cinnamon and marshmallows... To be honest, I haven't tried gingerbread cookies before. At least, not a legit regular-sized, beautifully decorated one. 
5. Favourite Christmas gift ? 
I'm a spoiled kid. I'll admit it... So I've really received so many presents that I can't really chose one from the stack (sounds cliche, I know. But seriously.) But one gift that really touched me was my Nintendo DS Lite. (I'm not entirely sure if it was Christmas, but...) We couldn't find anymore pink ones in LA so we decided to visit my great aunt in Arizona and try to pick one up during our stay there. I still remember that great ol' papa of mine running out of Best Buys all sweaty holding a box. Yes, my Nintendo. Love you, Dada! Oh and can't forget you either, Mom! Love you, Mom! 
6. Favourite Christmas scent? 
I really like the scent of cookies and hot chocolate... they just bring back so many warm memories.  
7. Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?
Nope... not really. Lately, it's just been stay up late in Vegas and wake up the next morning thinking, "Oh, it's Christmas."
8. What tops your tree?
Oh! Always a star! Either one that's lit up with bright, flashing lights, or a really sparkly golden star.
9. As a kid what was the one (crazy, wild, extravagant) gift you always asked for but never received? 
Nope. Not that I remember, really. As a kid all I really wanted was that new Barbie or that new Tamagotchi... I was a really lucky kid. My parents tried to give me what they could.
10. What's the best part about Christmas for you? 
Winter break! Definitely! Yes, though the teachers still gives us a deluge of assignments to work on over the break, I still enjoy my precious winter break. Just think about it. Sleeping in, watching dramas, baking cookies, going on the internet, procrastinating... wait! No, guys please don't procrastinate. Bad very bad!! But best of all, spending time with my family. This year, there'll be someone new joining us for Christmas, Pudding! Can't wait.... So many memories will be made.

Now, I'd like to tag you! Come on and join in on the Christmas fun!

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