People have always asked me how I manage to balance school and blogging. As I've only been blogging for about half a year, I've been actively trying to publish posts to help establish my niche as well as attempt to gain a decent size of readers. But of course, with the amount of homework load and tests from school, it can get a bit difficult to juggle between my responsibilities at school and on my blog. That's why I'd like to share my top 5 tips as to maintaining a balance between blogging and school. 

  1. Make use of the schedule function. This is a really convenient function that I have found quite helpful whenever I'm too busy to blog but still want to publish posts according to schedule. If you're using the Blogger platform, like I am, then you can always click on the schedule tab on the right side (when your still typing up the post) and choose the time and date you'd like for your post to be published. On the topic of scheduling, I've also found it extremely helpful to sit down for a good 15 minutes or so and write down all possible future posts and match them each to an appropriate date. You can always write this on a calendar, in your planner, or simply on a post-it. 
  2. Prep early. If you haven't already, you should have already have some sort of posting schedule, whether it be something as simple as every 2-3 days or something more detailed like every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Whatever it may be, make sure you have a clear idea of your posting schedule as readers will see a pattern and know when to come back looking for new content. With that settled, prepare for posts by taking lots and lots of pictures throughout the week. Occasionally I like to sit down on a weekend and do some bulk typing. In other words, I would write up a whole week worth of posts.
  3. Recognize that school is always more important. This one should be pretty obvious. While it is definitely important to make sure there are quality posts shooting up, what's more important is that all assignments and studying are taken care of first. 
  4. Use your spare time wisely. if you follow what I've said in #2, you'd most likely have extra time. During this extra time don't go watch that drama or surf online, try to use this time to type up more posts or do some self-promotion on social media websites like Twitter. Of course, make sure all homework is done.
  5. When too busy, take an extra 5 minutes to notify your readers of your temporary break or hiatus. I've always found it a really nice thing to do whenever some of my favorite bloggers notify me and all their other readers that he/she is going to take a break from blogging. If it isn't possible to notify beforehand, make sure that you notify right when you're back.  
These are just some of things I think are extremely helpful for those that are student bloggers just like me. Have any other tips? Please do share them below.

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