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I'm writing this post early on a Friday morning. It's sunny. Music's playing. There's no school. I'm in a good mood. This week was a pretty quick but heavy week. The finals just kept coming and coming... so glad it's all finally over! Hopefully I'll be able to finish off this semester with clean grades.
  1. Winter break is finally here! And I don't have any homework to do over the break (except for studying and preparing for the competitions in February and March). How much better can this Christmas get?
  2. We're going to Vegas, baby! It has always been a family tradition to go to Vegas every year during Christmas. That's why we don't put up our tree anymore... I've said more about this in my Christmas Tag.
  3. Got my first red cup from Starbucks! I've been itching to get a drink and instagram my red cup, but really haven't got the chance until yesterday... This little thing is officially checked off my Christmas to-do list.
  4. Into the candle mood again. Last year, I've really enjoyed burning my candles; however, due to a hectic school schedule and whatnot, I didn't get the chance to sit down and enjoy the wonderful scents... At long last!
  5. Finally edited some video scenes from the family trip to Hawaii in 2013. I recorded some footage and have been meaning to edit it for the past year... but never really got to. So I took advantage of the spare time I had after finals to sit down and edit away.
  6. Christmas is just 6, yes 6 days away!!!! I don't think I need to elaborate any further.
  7. Received some really amazing presents from my dear friends :) Really hope they are enjoying their break right now. I love you guys!
  8. Organized my music library. Updated the album artworks, the song information and lyrics and such... Feeling organized.
  9. Hot pot! As a mini birthday/retirement celebration, Mommy, her friends and I went out to get some hot pot. (One of my mom's friend was retiring. Not mommy. Not yet.) Met a new friend there... and can I say she's one of the nicest and prettiest person I've met thus far?
  10. So during our hot pot session, I really needed to go weewee... Unfortunately the restroom in the hot pot place was "a bit" too dirty and disgusting. So my new friend and I decided to casually stroll into another restaurant, pretend to be dining there, and shoot to the restroom. After going, I seriously felt like I lost a good 5 pounds. Ahhhh...

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