It's been a while after Pudding's surgery now, and I have to say she's completely back to her normal self... except one thing. Yes, she's been ever so naughty recently. Maybe it's one of those baby-growing-up stages. Anyways (ah, it's embarrassing to say this) she's been playing with her poopoo recently. Not good at all... We're currently trying to teach her that doing so is horrible and that she should stop. We're still trying. We're still trying. But as of now, no more kisses from her...

For some reason, Pudding's been yawning a lot during the day. I've realized that she's a pretty light sleeper. If I were to ever go out (she currently sleeps in her play pen in the living room) to get anything, she'd immediately wake up. Even if this happens in the middle of the night. Maybe that's why... Or it's because she's half human and during the night she likes to use her human abilities to roam around the house. Okay, that's kind of creepy.

See how in the last couple of pictures Pudding is wearing a nice jumper? Well, we bought that for her to help her keep warm since it can get pretty cool in the living room at night. *sigh* But she just can't seem to keep that thing on. Just look at her sneaky face in the last picture. Seriously, Pudding? Seriously?

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