Can't believe it's a Friday already! Until I looked at my phone this morning, I didn't even realize that I had already lost track of which day it is... I'm sure this happens with everyone out there on their break. Like always, here's 10 things that made me happy this week:

  1. Going to Vegas. I'm sure I mentioned it in a previous post but, man was the trip awesome. I managed to take quite a few photos and brought home quite a few things. It was just really nice to be able to spend some quality time with my family.
  2. Not long ago, Bath and Body Works had a one day $8 candle sale. Unfortunately, I arrived at the store only to discover the shelves empty. BUT during our trip to Vegas earlier this week, I managed to bring home the one I've been looking for: Sparkling Icicles. 
  3. Today, Pudding was having her little training time and guess what? She finally learned how to do left paw!!! I've yet to teach her how to do right paw.
  4. Went downtown on Thursday and finally got to try 21 choices. Everyone has been raving about their frozen yogurt, and I never really got a chance to get myself one until yesterday. Man was that chunk of yogurt awesome. 
  5. Really thankful for the gifts my friends gave me. It's really touching whenever anyone remembers and brings me a gift. To me, it doesn't have to be anything expensive. It's definitely the thought that counts. In fact, a simple collage can make me feel quite warm and fuzzy inside. 
  6. Got some good deals on some MK and Kate Spades bags... Yes, this girl right here finally got her very own brand name purse. Hooorrraay!!
  7. Remember my previous post on Balancing School and Blogging? Yeah, I typed all of that on my phone during my Vegas trip. And can I say that that was probably one of the most frustrating experiences? Luckily, I managed to finish the post within a couple of hours and popped right into bed a bit past midnight. 
  8. I wasn't feeling too well yesterday on Christmas (Of all days. Seriously.). I woke up with a really sour and heavy stomach, couldn't really swallow anything, and eventually threw up. Not a pleasant sight, but I seriously feel blessed to have such loving parents. Both of them immediately stopped what they were doing and did all they could to help me feel better. Be it making porridge, finding medicine, sitting by me... I feel so loved. A nice thing to realize on Christmas.
  9. Finally got a night mask. As someone who has skin that needs lots of moisturizing, I was completely elated to finally be able to purchase a night mask, specifically the Origins night mask. I like my plump skin... ooh...
  10. Right before we set off to Vegas, Mom took me to TheFaceShop! Man, have I been itching to visit that place for months. Ever since I heard about them opening up a store at a nearby mall, I've been bugging my mom to take me. Glad I was able to pick up a few things. 

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