This is probably the third time I mentioned the word 'cushion' here on my blog, but seriously guys, nothing beats a good light cushion. I don't really like wearing full coverage makeup because 1) it clogs up my pores 2) it's too heavy for everyday use 3) it's too much of a hassle. A cushion on the other hand makes it extremely fast and easy for me to even out my skin tone and cover some of my scars and undereye bags. Always makes me look like I have perfect bling bling skin each time I use it. Besides, it lasts me the whole day, controls my oily skin, and has SPF 50 PA+++. 

This is actually a rather old lip tint of mine. For some reason, I just threw it aside for a while and didn't pick it back up until recently. I've completely forgotten how much I loved it until I began using it again. It's extremely pigmented and moisturizing. Just perfect for us girls that want a little pop of color on our lips. Muah!

If you know me personally or if you follow me on Instagram, you'd most likely know that I have bangs. With bangs, it can get a bit difficult with styling it and making sure it doesn't fall flat on your face. Especially at home, I can't just clip it up since that will completely ruin the "shape" I want my bangs to take. This velcro roller has been my lifesaver of late. Just keeps my bangs nice and volumized without getting in my eyes. Perfect!

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