You guys all know what generation it is, correct? Yup, it's the selfie generation. Exactly why I'd like to share my favorite apps for editing selfies as well as simple editing apps.

(1)  美颜相机 or BeautyPlus
Both apps are extremely similar. They both sport the face slimming, face whitening, and other various useful tools for editing the face as well as the body. I'd say the biggest difference, among many little ones, between the two (disregarding that 美颜相机 is in Chinese while BeautyPlus is in English) is that 美颜相机 has the video-beautifying function. So for those who like posting mini 10-second videos, 美颜相机 is perfect. However, if you're just looking into beautifying selfies, both definitely work wonders :)

(2) Candy Camera
Like the ones I talked about in (1), this is also a selfie app; however, I don't use it for that. Instead I usually use it to decorate my picures with cute little stickers. But  the reason I wanted to suggest this was for its mosaic function. Man will this come in handy! Covering license plates, names, faces... the list can go on and on.

(3) #SquareDroid
This is the typical app that allow you to post non-square pictures onto instagram or any other social media platform without having to crop out anything... But what's really special about it is that you don't have to stick with the boring color borders... Now you can get those pretty semi-transparent borders of your current picture. (Does that even make any sense?) Yeah, this is time when a picture comes in handy.

These are basically my top three photo editing apps I enjoy using on my phone. What apps do you guys use? Please share them in the comments below. I'd love to give other apps a try!
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