It rained again today! Seriously, I haven't seen such heavy rain for quite a while now. If I'm correct, the heaviest one was probably around 2-3 years ago. Heard there's might even be some hail tonight, but I'm actually quite excited.
  1. Remember when I said that my one of my Christmas wishes was to reach 20 followers on Bloglovin'? Well just this week, I've finally reached 20! I just want to thank all of those who give me a chance to share chunks of my life. Please continue to read my posts. I love you all!
  2. Watching Pudding innocently play with me is just such a picker-upper whenever I'm having a rather down day. She just flails her little arms out trying to get my attention... 
  3. Pudding has discovered the beauty in apples. Yes, apples. Now she is just like her mommy (me), only eating the juiciest, crispiest apples.
  4. Not getting anymore water in my shoe. So last week when it rained, I unfortunately realized while walking in the rain that I had a hole in my shoe. Not just one but both of them. Ha, but you know what? I wore boots to school today when it rained. Clean, dry feet. Ah....
  5. Successfully finished my DIY presents for my pengyous (aka friends) It took me quite a long while to get the hang of it, but I like the results. Hopefully my friends will appreciate it and make good use of it.
  6. It's nearly finals week! Yes, this might not seem such a "happy" thing, but if next week is finals week, then that means winter break is almost here.
  7. Acting all immature during PE with one of my girlfriends... You know the usual arm flailing, hugging each other so that we would have to waddle to get anywhere, high-fiving turkeying each other...
  8. Haven't eaten any bad apples this week! Typically I'd get 1 or 2 bruised ones, but nope. They've been all perfect.
  9. Drank milk plain. In the mornings, I eat it with my oatmeal so I haven't been really drinking it. But since I got school lunch today, drinking milk out of the carton brought me back to when I used to drink it out of the pouch. Does anyone remember that?
  10. Just received news that my Sweet 16 Photobook has arrived. Mom's going to go pick it up tomorrow, but before I show how it looks like I'll be posting some BTS photos of the photoshoot day. Look out for it! (I'll link it here once it's published.)
Happy Friday!

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