Our little lion, Pudding, went for her first surgery (hopefully this will be her first and last, my baby!) on October 12th. It's a bit delayed, but I still wanted to update how she has recently been.

 The night before we sent her to the hospital, I decided to take some pictures of her... She's still so happy and bright, just like she has always been

 Ahhh... look at her little teeth! They've actually been falling out one by one recently. I even saved one. I'll probably update with a picture of it soon.

Yeah....  look at her little beard. It's all dirty from her food. Being a girl, she's a pretty messy eater. Gotta teach her some etiquette, huh?

Next Saturday, I'll update with more pictures of her... after her surgery - in her little cone of shame! Aha my cute little baby... Stay tuned :)

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