Mint colored eyeliner? Mint? Eyeliner? Waterproof? Girls, you know what that means, right? In the basket it goes! I've heard a lot about the Clio Gelpresso eyeliners and was so excited when I discovered them at a little makeup shop close by. It's extremely pigmented and just stays put all day. Put this baby on the outer corners of your eye and BAM lovely eyes! 

Recently purchased this flower headband because it reminded me of how magestic my bestie looked when she herself wore one (Yup Melina, I'm talking talking about you girl!) I couldn't resist and had to take it home with me. What else is awesome about it? It only costed $2... It'll cost me way more to make that myself... So definitely a steal!

Don't know if I'm late or not, but snapbacks look absolutely amazing! Pair them with some shorts and t-shirts... or even a skirt/dress ... Wow, just wow! And yeah, it does in fact say "Hater." Not too much a fan of this Hater concept, but the floral pattern is lovely and that's all that matters. :)

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